Thursday 21st December


This year the National Farmers’ Union have backed their membership with a #BuyMyTurkey campaign, an initiative to encourage the British public to buy turkeys from local farms.

The campaign includes a ‘turkey finder’ search engine on the Union’s website where users can find their nearest turkey supplier by typing in their postcode.

The NFU have an ongoing ‘Back British Farming’ message, which is designed to build support for the British food and farming sector through simple actions like buying British produce, enjoying the countryside responsibly, and spreading the word with friends and family.

Approximately 10 million turkeys are consumed in the UK every Christmas and it’s hoped that more and more consumers will turn to locally sourced turkeys rather than buying from supermarkets.

A farmer in Hexham, Northumberland, believes campaign’s like ‘#BuyMyTurkey’ are important, but unfortunately hasn’t noticed a difference in sales from previous years.

He said: “It’s handy to have messages like that but we haven’t been that busy this year. What we find is that people generally buy turkeys from us through word of mouth. We have customers from around 30 miles away in both directions to Carlisle in Cumbria in the west and Newcastle in the east.”

He added: “Locally sourced food is better because you’re helping your local farmer, and their turkeys will usually be free-range which means you’re getting better food – the birds are tastier and more succulent.”

The National Farmers’ Union website explains that buying locally supports the local economy, is better for the environment and creates local jobs.